jueves, 8 de mayo de 2014

President Obama's Plan to Fight Climate Change


Hi again friends, this week we are to comment Obama´s Action plan on Climate Change for the next years which is worthwhile mentioning. Recently, President Obama has come up with a series of measures which counteract against the impact on Climate Change. Especially these actions are addressed towards the carbon pollution and the general impact on the weather, crops and the American economy in general.
As an example in 2012, the extreme damages provoked many losses not only to our plane but also to the economy. This has result in many damages such as draughts, wildfires, superstorm Sandy for example, hurricanes and other severe conditions which also produces a serious threat to the people in general. In addition, diseases connected to food, insects, and water shortage and air pollution. As a consequence, the most affected group is the people with low income, children and the elderly.
Carbon pollution is another bone to pick and Obama´s intention is to reduce carbon pollution from power plants and to stimulate the use of green wind and solar energies.
As it can be expected, public transport and domestic/companies waste should be tackled seriously in order to cut down on greenhouse emissions. These steps cover from 2013 to 2030 as far as the objectives are fulfilled.
Likewise these changes include a commitment to improve climate resilient investment, keeping up agricultural production, new agreements with other countries, cooperation among government, create resilient hospitals etc. Consequently, EEUU has a formal and serious commitment with American people and with the rest of the world as well.
However, there is still a long journey to be made to devise new alternatives for the future.

More detailed information at Whitehouse.gov