miércoles, 12 de marzo de 2014

Copenhagen European Green City 2014 This city has been named European Green City for the year 2014. This means a great number of events which will be held shortly. The European Commission has given this award to Copenhagen in recognition of their green initiatives to make the city more sustainable for their citizens. Their final ambition is to become a city free of carbon dioxide by the year 2025.
Likewise it has been shown that the reduction of the levels of CO2 has many beneficial effects on the general health. In addition, this initiative boosts the growth of new ecological companies with green innovations and sustainable employment. This means that the people from Copenhagen will feel proud themselves and part of the solution.
This award has been disputed between Bristol and Frankfurt, 14 cities participated in the contest. In particular different measures have been taken by Copenhagen such as the use of the bicycle and public transport, the progressive reduction of the levels of CO2 in the carbon-dioxide emissions up to 24%, waste processing of the building sector around 90% is re-used. In the near future electricity and heating will be replaced in favour of wind energy. After receiving this award, Copenhagen is expected to become a role model for the rest of Europe and to cope with the challenges of the climate change.
The 2016 Applicants are Poland, Germany, Greece, Slovenia, The Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Italy, France, Sweden and two cities of Spain are participating in the event, Zaragoza and Santander. The applications were already closed last October 2013.

More information at: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/europeangreencapital/winning-cities/